Thursday, May 30, 2019

Quick 2019 resources for parents

A quick list of resources for an elementary school parent

Resources depending on prep time:
  • Grab-and-go

  • More prep time, in increasing order of advanced time required
    • the puzzles and games are very good. 
    • Math Teachers at Play blog carnivals:  Variable amounts of prep time, but usually there’s at least one activity that is ripe for exploration, may take a bit of reading through the carnival to find a suitable one.
    • Mike's Lawler's blog: wonderful collection of (mostly) videos of his family working through problems, puzzles and mathematical explorations. Because his kids are older, it will take a little time to find something you think is suited for your son and then a bit to organize the activity.
    • Georgia State math standards: Despite the name "standards," these documents have a full curriculum with a collection of really great activities. As with any full curriculum, not everything is a complete winner, but there are enough gems. Also, this is probably the best resource for finding material to complement a kid's weaknesses.
This page is still the most comprehensive list of our favorite resources:
Unfortunately, it is a little dated as I haven’t really been maintaining this blog in the last 2 years.