Upcoming activities

A collection of things I'm planning to do with the kids
  1. Does order matter, diagrams, and explaining: Building Towers from AO Fradkin
  2. Euclid the Game
  3. Exploding Dots and Base 8 Story
  4. Explore alcumus
  5. Listening to Peter Pan via this audiobook series and playing with poetry
  6. These spatial reasoning challenges.
  7. Challenges and here
  8. Review this page MathsBox and the other the links here Only Access One:
  9. Build popsicle stick bombs and chain reaction explosions.
  10. Does order matter from https://aofradkin.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/does-order-matter/
  11. Games from Dan Burfiend, including this dice investigation 
  12. watch this again and again: Aperiodical Pi Challenge.
  13. Organize these on our ed links page: a maths paper, math munch in french, notation and thought, spatial learning, IBM App 

Reminders of key habits

Let them think: http://tjzager.wordpress.com/2014/09/17/you-just-listened-so-then-i-could-figure-it-out/

Communicating high expectations: https://missquinnmaths.wordpress.com/2014/06/22/what-do-students-think-high-expectations-are/

To be read
All of David's posts deserve to be read: www.davidwees.com
Explore this for more activities:
http://naturalmath.com/2015/11/love-of-learning-math-circle-diary/#comment-173752 and http://youcubed.stanford.edu/tasks/
and this: http://mathriddles.williams.edu/
And this: http://everybedofroses.blogspot.com.au/2015/01/math-science-and-logic-for-2015.html
Part 6, so I have 5 more parts I also need to find and read!

a puzzle: http://www.groovyworksheets.com/ASPPages/FunStuff/MathPuzzle/MathPuzzle.aspx


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