Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Random 100 board and some subtraction review (math games)

In grades 1 and 2, we (re)introduced the card subtraction game from one of our earliest classes.

Since this is our first class of the new (calendar) year, we also did one of the calendar tricks again in all of the classes (the first one on this page).

Repeating activities is something that we rarely do. Usually, we have been introducing a new game or activity each class, possibly following up on that activity in the following week. However, we realized that it takes more time for the kids to extract all the ideas or practice. Also, since these things are often still challenging, their interest level is high.

Four in a row

PK came up with this game, but it is based on an idea she saw elsewhere. If we recall the original source, I'll link to give it credit.
Players: 2
Material: randomized 100 board (we used 0-99 randomly arranged on a 10x10 grid); 4 dice (we used 4d6)
Turn: Player throws the dice, then combines the values using arithmetic operations to create a final result. They mark the corresponding cell in the grid with their color.
Winning: The first player to get four adjacent cells in a straight line wins (NB: diagonals also allowed)

We also asked the kids to write down their number sentences for each move, below the playing grid.

Here are the 4 grids we used (random order created using pencilcode similar to the 6th graders final assignments last term!) There's nothing magical about these, but we wanted to mix up the "easy" and "hard" numbers as well as give some additional variation for each play.


  • Grades 1 and 2 should play the subtraction card game at home
  • Grade 3 should play the 4-in-a-row game and explore the calendar trick. Can they figure out a way to find the square their friend chose? 

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