Friday, July 8, 2016

Humbling Improv

Last night, I was part of an improv comedy show. Probably my first time performing on stage for ... at least 25 years.

How did I do? A lot of room for improvement. Not at all a surprise, but what really sticks with me is that the mistakes I made were in the absolute basics of improv:

  1. Listen to the other players
  2. Accept
  3. Who where what
Messing these up is common for beginning players and comes from a desperation to get laughs. I thought I was immune. I didn't think I was desperate. Heck, I didn't even care about the audience reaction.

But still, I made those mistakes and played badly. The experience was an interesting opportunity for better self-understanding and a vivid reminder to focus on the basics.

It was a great chance to fail and learn.

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