Monday, December 12, 2016

Some sort of number talks with J3

Based on conversations about the dots pictures from Math4Love:

Day 3
I notice

  1. there's a number 3, but the number of dots isn't the same (it isn't 3)
  2. five over here (pointing to dots) and zero on the down part (the bottom half of the 10 frame)
  3. J0: I see some letters...
  4. I even noticed that. I noticed there's this plus (points to dash - )
  5. J0: I noticed this square
  6. I noticed it was a line (bottom row of the 10 frame)
  7. I noticed these triangles (the white space in 10 frame sections that have dots)
  8. I noticed these are 5 and an extra one (on second page of day 3)
  9. I noticed that there are four left (empty cells on second page)
  10. J0: you saw 5+1, I see 2 + 4
  11. Those two are together. The other ones are lonely.

I wonder

  1. Why didn't they make 10 dots?
  2. Why did they only cover the middle of the square (points to a dot in the upper left square of teh 10 frame)?
  3. I wonder, how do numbers talk? (after I read the title of the slide to her)
  4. I wonder, why do they only put 1 on the bottom row?
  5. I wonder, can we arrange them so none are lonely
Day 4
I notice
  1. Five on the top and five on the bottom
  2. Ten
  3. five and four, nine
Day 5
I notice
  1. This doesn't have a box to go in (a 10 frame)
  2. It has a dot in the middle
  3. we can count them 2, 2, 2 (pairing them up)
  4. if we take 2 away, there will be four
  5. the sides are the same (it has a line of symmetry in the middle)
  6. it looks like an animals footprint
  7. the top four make a diamond
  8. If we turn our body to the side, the top four make a rectangle
  9. taking out the two in the middle, we have a square
  10. it has 8 dots.
  11. the number of dots doesn't match the day number
I wonder
  1. is it a real footprint?
  2. I wonder, if we take the bottom five, it would be 3?

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