Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A christmas eve mystery

Who: J3
Where: at school
When: over 2 weeks

This is actually something being done at school, but it matches our seed growing at home very nicely.
They did a couple of experiments to test the effect of different conditions on plant growth:
  • with and without water
  • in different potting media (soil, sand, rocks)
  • with and without sunlight.
Here is the picture of the plants without (left) and with sunlight:
Sorry about the blur, this was my only shot through a swarm of excited toddlers

Thus, the mystery: why did the plants grown in the dark grow so much taller? Add your hypothesis in the comments!

This is a special day for our family: Grandpa G's birthday.  So, in the spirit of celebration and birthday wishes, we send some powers of 2 (and square relationships):

Sometimes 6s got to get a bit crazy, right?

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