Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cake is wonderful

who: J1 and J2
where: kitchen
when: afternoon during J3's nap
what material did we use: dish soap, water, a plastic drink bottle, zometool set, and two small blocks of solid CO2

Last weekend, a generous uncle brought two pieces of chocolate cake for the older J's (littlest J can't eat dairy, so has to make due with dark chocolate squares). The cake was nice, but the real delight was in two small pieces of dry ice that we part of the packaging to keep the cake cool. While J2 had his violin lesson, J1 and I looked for good activities to take advantage of this bounty.

We hit on the Crazy Russian Hacker's 8 dry ice activities (video linked below). Of those, we selected the smoke bubbles and the smoke rings since they seemed cool and possible with our resources. These turned out to be really easy and fun activities.

Here are some videos of the smoke rings:

By coincidence, our friend Pongskorn Saipetch was also playing with dry ice recently, you can see his video here. From the size of his piece of dry ice, I have to guess he had a lot of cake!

After the dry ice had melted, we made bubble wands out of zometool and continued to play with the soapy water:

Our video inspiration. While our photos and video didn't turn out this well, the actual experience was at least as much fun as what you see here:

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