Saturday, May 16, 2015

the avocado lives!

who: the avocado tree (our youngest baby?)

Well, for all of you who were anxious about the fate of our avocado tree, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The current stats and observations from the 3 Js:

  • height (soil to top): 99cm/38 inc 
  • Widest leaf 11cm/4.25 inch 
  • Longest leaf 26.5cm/10.5in 
  • Diameter 51cm Longest branch (excluding leaves) 25cm
  • The pit is now black/dark brown/same color as the soil (from J3)

Unfortunately, we are now unable to measure many of our original stats: mass, total length from roots to highest shoot.

Someone, I think J3, even made a little video of the tree:

Sadly, our attempt to grow a sister tree at Grandma's house was unsuccessful, the avocado pit didn't sprout while we were there and the side project had to be abandoned. There was an ambitious little grapefruit seed trying to make progress on its own, so perhaps Grandma or Grandpa will be able to provide an update of that.

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