Monday, November 24, 2014

Math Games (Class 3)

Who: Baan Pathomtham First and Second grade classes

Where: at school
When: mid-morning

Here is the third installment of our math games series.  Despite shortage of staff (Josh is traveling), it's a successful session -- the kids loved it so much they begged for more after they finished their first round.

Indian Poker Addition Game

This game is a twist to the indian poker.  Although it's more fun and challenging with more players, for younger kids, I find that 3-4 players work out best.

Equipment: A pack of cards with face cards (J,Q,K) removed.
Here's what we do:
- Deal one card face down to each player.  When given the signal, they hold the card outward on their forehead so they cannot see their own cards but only see their friends' cards.
- The card dealer announces the sum of all the cards. 
- Each player guess his or her number.

We have 7 children in each class so they have to add up 6 cards and then subtract from the announced sum.  For children who struggled, I gave additional hints -- I told them the sum of his or her card plus two other friends' cards so they only have to add up 2 cards.  

Close to 100

Equipment: A pack of cards with 10 and face cards (J,Q,K) removed.
- Deal out 6 cards to each player
- Each player picks 4 cards from the 6 cards they were dealt to form a pair of 2-digit numbers.  The goal is to get the sum of the two numbers as close to 100 as possible but cannot exceed 100.

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