Monday, March 9, 2015

Projects: Finale (programming class 18)

Who: Baan Pathomtham Grade 5
Where: at school
when: Monday morning for 2 hours

This was our last class of the term, so we spent the time working on finishing the projects.
For each project, there are many potential extensions, but everyone has made a complete program (or very, very nearly complete).

Programs can all be found here: Class Projects.

Plan of work today:
  • Titus: (1) instructions for the game (2) webcam version?
  • Win: (1) correct flow, (2) add fractions?
  • Boongie: (1) how do players win? (2) is the penalty condition working the way you want?
  • Gun: (1) penalty for hitting the walls, (2) winning condition, (3) finish maze 

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