Friday, August 29, 2014

Mathematical distraction (argh!)

who: J0
when: J3's naptime
what material: scale, bottle, water, formula

I looked down at my hands and saw a partially prepared bottle of baby formula.  Hmm, did I add the right amount of each ingredient?!

Stepping back, how I had I gotten into this (minor) predicament? By day-dreaming about some other math (which I hope to post in the near future), I had managed to mess up this simple recipe:
1. add 4 ounces of water to the bottle
2. add 2 scoops of formula powder to the bottle
3. close and shake the bottle
4. dispense to the consumer

My solution: use a little more (very simple) math to figure out what I had done.

I got out my trusty scale and made the following measurements:
(1) empty bottle: 60 grams
(2) 2 scoops of formula: 20 grams (pictured below is one scoop, I had tared out the lid and the scooper)
(3) 4 ounces of water is approximately 120 mL/approximately 120 grams
(4) my partially made bottle: 155 grams

Hmm, 155 grams? My target mass was supposed to be 200 grams. If I had forgotten one scoop of powder, it should have been 190 grams. So...

Looking more carefully, I had only put in about 3 ounces of water (mass about 90 grams).  I concluded that I needed an extra 30-40 gr of water and another scoop of powder.

What lesson did I learn?
Maybe I need to be cautious thinking about engaging math problems when I'm driving?

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