Sunday, August 17, 2014

Matific Games (quick review)

Who: J2 (with some help from J1 at times)
Where: dining table
When: after lunch (was everyone finished eating? Not clear.)
What we used: on our laptop

J2 saw I had an open website and started playing some of the games: Bees and Flowers, Spy-a-Meerkat, Monster Shop I, and Tile-a-Shape. For a free (it seems) site, I was impressed: the animation was cute and the activities were engaging, even if these four were a bit easy for J2.

Two points of discussion:

  • Spy-a-Meerkat: J2 was fine up to 5, but then had difficulty when there were 6 or more.  J1 had no trouble and I should have had him talk about his strategy for figuring out the answer
  • Since all of the questions were pretty easy, the two together didn't get any wrong, until J1 said: "I wonder what will happen if we get one wrong. Let's try it." I love that.

They got stuck finally on the last shape tiling.  See if you can figure out the answer.  You can only translate and rotate the purple shapes, no scaling:

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