Sunday, September 7, 2014

the measure is 27

Who: J3 (also something for 13+)
Where: at home on the reception floor
When: just after breakfast

A quick picture to show some standard activities in our home.

When in doubt (i.e., too tired to think creatively), I reach for the trio blocks and polydrons and start putting them together. Inevitably, the children will join and take over the activity. We had our tape measure lying around, so J3 started measuring our creations and Ms Rabbit.  After putting the tape measure up to something and looking carefully at the numbers, she would proclaim: "27." She did this several times, each time announcing the same length: 27.

I guess this is similar to her lack of 1-1 correspondence when she's counting: just a developmental step she hasn't yet taken.

A further exploration
Did you notice the star-shaped polydron construction?  It is a cube with the faces replaced with square pyramids. Though it is pretty obvious, I was delighted when we realized that square faces in our constructions could be replaced with 4 triangles arranged as a square pyramid and equilateral triangles could be replaced by 3 sides of a tetrahedron.  Here's an NRICH exploration I found when trying to determine the name of our construction (the cube with pyramids instead of faces).

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