Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Delta Pack the uncreative way (euclidea series)

Returning with a very brief installment of geometric constructions. Basically, I was just brute-forcing the constructions in this pack, so most of the cases where I managed the minimum move constructions were just because those were straightforward.  Reviewing the pack in preparation for this post, I did find a couple of ways to shave down some of the constructions, but I don't feel like there was a major breakthrough.

Here's a snapshot showing (almost) where the V stars are:

If you do some simple counting, you'll see that there is one more V-star missing. Since this somehow escaped me the first time, I'll leave its location as an exercise for you, too.

I've mentioned the idea from 4.5 before and I still like that construction, even though it is very simple.

Constructing the two equilateral triangles also seemed nice. Constructing the inscribed and circumscribing circles from the triangle seems more like the "usual" direction of construction, so these reverse constructions appealed to me.

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