Monday, June 30, 2014


How many of you noticed the mistake in the wagon picture on this post: weekend?

Hint: in this set of pattern blocks: hexagons are yellow, trapezoids are red, 60-120 rhombus are blue, 30-150 rhombus are tan, squares are orange, and triangles are green.

Jate and I had a little discussion, but we both agreed it was a mistake rather than a deliberate choice.

Second question: what did they mean to print?

Bonus questions: if the green triangle has as triangular face that is 1 square unit, what is the area of all the other blocks in this set? Humble brag: I could only come up with 3 distinct ways of finding the answer, though the person who asked me this question didn't like any of my answers.

So far, with the children, I've only posed this question with respect to the easy ones to answer, but now I have an idea for a fourth approach that I can use with the children!

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