Monday, June 15, 2015

Bath-time math

Who: J3
When: bath before bedtime
Where: bathtub (of course)

A simple, but classic bath-time investigation: which container holds more water? We've got three, and it is easy to see that the white cup holds less than the other two. However, comparing the silver and blue isn't so easy. Are they the same size? If not, which is larger?

J3 started with the basic technique filling one with water and then using that to try to fill the other. Then, she moved on to usin a common measure, counting how many white cups were required to fill each of the larger containers. Her technique was very splashy, so I wouldn't say every cup of water was equally full or that every drop successfully made the transition from cup to bucket. At this stage, the play was about the spirit of the investigation, the joy of counting, and the fun of splashing water around the bathroom.

More math around the house

Triplet of decorative paper airplanes (courtesy of J1)

A mathematical pizza (courtsey of J2 who made the dough and J1 who snapped the picture)

What's mathematical about pizza? Measuring ingredients, tracking the time to mix the dough, talking different shapes for the base (circle and rectangle are never quite achieved, of course), temperature of the oven, time to cook, ways of cutting, probability that any will be left for mommy or daddy to taste....

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