Monday, June 8, 2015

Math is all around (proof without words)

Ok, I can't resist writing a little explanation. These are pictures of activities from the last 2 months that never quite made it into blog posts or, if they did, I just like the pictures and wanted to show them again.

A fractal tree made from rummy king tiles (part of our Natural Math/Moebius Noodles Multiplication explorers course):

Another fractal tree:

Is it an alien or a self-similar bug? How many body segments would we need to draw for the next smaller level?

Family Tree fractal:

I think this was a substitution fractal, again, Multiplication Explorers:

Halving sequence, another activity from the Multiplication Explorers course:

This little piece was 1/16536th of the starting square (2-14)

How many animal hybrids can we make?

Many ways to make a whole. How many ...?

Even in the round:

A version of Pascal's triangle made into a puzzle. I think we made all the cells mod 10. Hand cut!

Some pictures we saw at an exhibit in one of the halls at NASA in Houston. We did our own calculations and didn't agree with their claims about how many stamps or how many coins were used.

Finally, a couple of nice magic squares, fraternal twins or identical? I can't take credit for this, but don't remember where I saw it (prob on twitter):

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