Saturday, June 27, 2015

Math pictures

We adopted a warm-up activity from Mathematics Mastery that the kids have really enjoyed. We look at interesting pictures and make mathematical comments.

The MM team developed a series of great cartoon pictures based around various fairy tales where the pictures link naturally with particular lessons.

As substitutes, I've found some publicly available pictures to use at home. Naturally, these won't necessarily link with a particular lesson, but there is always something interesting to discuss. If you find others you like, let me know in the comments, please!

How do we use these pictures
The point is to use the pictures as triggers for the students to say full sentences or questions with some math content. There is no real limit or bound on what is allowed. Here are some examples of the typical types of comments (taken from actual conversations):

  • I see 3 flowers.
  • There are more people than chairs.
  • The windows are rectangle shapes.
  • Half of the plates are empty.
  • The stars are arranged like 5 dots on a dice.
  • This tree is smaller than this tree (pointing at the picture).
  • The dog is in front of the horse.
  • The bricks on the path make a 3x4 array.

As you can see, this is mostly about shape and number.

Examples from the web
Symphony orchestra, from

Floating market from

Family room, from

Hello Kitty Bakery from

Coral reef scene from

Other ideas
Without a picture, you can do a similar activity around your house.  The number scavenger hunt was suggested at Kid's Quadrant.  Go take a look: here!

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