Sunday, January 25, 2015

CD's required reading

Christopher Danielson (@Trianglemancsd) started a twitter conversation listing essential reading for people who want to make pronouncements about mathematics education. Of course, this serves a dual use for anyone who wants to improve their own practice, in which spirit I offer this accumulate list and links:

  1. Yes, as notes, Children's Mathematics. And Extending Children's Mathematics.
  2. And Kamii and Wu.
  3. And Fosnot & Dolk's Young Mathematicians at Work.
  4. And the STANDARDS, not one project's representations of those standards.
  5. It should also be mandatory to compare and contrast the Common Core Standards to those (past or present) of a single state.
  6. At least one Essential Understandings book from NCTM.
  7. At least one article from the Rational Number Project.
  8. My blogs.
  9. And blog.
  10. Oops. Almost left out the Ball/Bass/Hill team. At least one article with at least two of those names on it.

1 comment:

  1. We keep getting more!
    Liping Ma's lovely "Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics".

    And @cheesemonkeysf added:
    Must include Nunes & Bryant

    Thanks for compiling the list!