Friday, January 9, 2015

Stairway to (number) heaven

Who: J1, J2, J3
Where: our stairs
When: permanently (ha!)

J2's school has a set of stairs used by the kids with numbers posted on each step. I finally realized we could copy this at home. It has been great fun for each of them, in slightly different ways:
  • J3 feels like these are "her" numbers. Everyone else has told her we made them for her and the sense of ownership makes her pay a lot of attention to them.
  • J2 really likes having numbers and shapes posted around the house, so he is the one who is encouraging us to continue to the top floor.
  • J1 likes taking J3 on a tour of the numbers and admiring the pictures. He also likes coming up with new things to add (like writing a related number expression)
  • They all like talking about the ones they made and their contribution to the project
I have three recommendations for you replicating:
  1. Start with zero
  2. Be open to a lot of interesting number and shape conversations while making the cards.
  3. Do it! if you don't have stairs, make it into a horizontal number line on the walls. 

J2 almost finished decorating the 12 card

Cards in situ, ready to be enjoyed

Detail of the 8 Card: such craftsmanship!

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