Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How a hacker gets started?

who: J1
when: early afternoon
where: online

J1 came up with a fun and surprising word game.

You know those promotions where you eat/buy something, then get a code to enter online for a game or drawing? Recently, one of J1's favorite snacks has been doing a treasure/pirate themed contest. Each "serving" comes with a code that, once entered, gives him 1-5 plays of a little game.
Pre-processed form of fav snack

Three interesting tidbits:
  1. We know there are 20 code words and we don't have all of them
  2. Only one valid code can be entered each day, but it seems an unlimited number of attempts can be made
  3. The codes are all related to treasure
What has this inspired? J1's first hacking attempts (to my knowledge).

Hacking + Pirates ≅ Win! (mod LittleBoy)

He has been thinking of treasure words and trying them in the system.  He was successful today and that's sure to encourage him for tomorrow.

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