Friday, January 2, 2015

Secondary Roots appear (observational botany 3)

Who: All J1 and J2
Where: at the dining table
When: after dinner (observations from 28 December/day 27)

More progress on the avocado sprout. We had to transfer the pit as our previous glass bowl was too shallow and started to restrict the growth of the main root. Pictures courtesy of J1 this time.

Close-up of the split

Root view
Attention has drifted?

  • if we measure from outside the pit, the sprout is about 1 inch tall
  • the sprout outside of the pit is light green with some red dots
  • off of the main sprout, there are 6 tiny sprouts that look like little thorns, 4 above the pit and 2 inside
  • there are also some black lines on the pit (J0 note: these are from where we cut the original avocado)
  • the main root is flexible, the sprout only flexes a bit along the crack of the pit
  • the secondary roots are more flexible than the main root.
  1. the avocado sprout looks like J1's nose (no one else agreed with this observation)
  2. the part of the sprout inside the pit is white
  3. the root has 5 pooplish (J0: what is this? J2: it is a little cm, daddy)
  4. the toothpick are 5 peebolo (
the whole rig: 550 g
the rig less the pit: 486 g
from which we conclude that the pit plus 3 toothpicks: 64 g (unchanged from last measurement)

length of stem above the pit: 3.2cm (doesn't directly compare with our previous measurements)
length of main root below the pit: 2.9 cm (almost 1 cm longer than last time we measured)

Note: 3 days later on the 31st, the lengths were 6.5 cm above the pit and 14.5 cm total length. There was a striking and obvious growth spurt.

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