Monday, January 12, 2015

Shooting to the moon (observational botany 4)

who: J2 and J1
where: dining room floor
when: Sunday morning

Time for another update on our plants.

Orange Seeds
The bad news is that our orange seeds aren't making any progress.  Unknown to me, J1 had been putting the seeds out in the direct sun for several hours each day. This has possibly cooked the seeds. It is possible they weren't fertile in the first place. Of course, it is also possible they will still manage to sprout. We haven't tossed them out yet.

The avocado has been a clear success. Since the last post, we hit the stage where the sprout was 6 inches long. This was the point our original instructions suggested we cut back to 3 inches. We were wondering why? After some searching on the internet, we concluded that most growers don't prune back at this stage and the purpose of doing so is to encourage a shorter, more bushy plant suitable for growing indoors. J1 and J2 were both keen to get the plant to grow as tall as possible (100 meters!) so we decided not to prune.

Some quick observations:
  • J1: it is 25 cm tall
  • J2: it has tertiary roots!
  • J1 and J2: is that white stuff on the roots mold?
Ah well, even if it mold, the plant seems unaffected for now.

Root observation

We spent part of the morning sketching the roots. J1 was initially resistant, suggesting we should just work through technology ("why don't we just take a picture?") and that he had already drawn a picture of plant roots ("I already did that for school!") I explained that I was planning to draw the roots so I could practice close observation and asked if I could use his microscope. Telling him why I was going to do it seemed a very effective rhetorical strategy.

Here are our drawings:

AR1 by J1

AR1 By J2 (right) and J0 (left)

Avocado drama of the week
Our little baby is going touring this week! Well, actually just to school for one day, then back home the next.  Will it return intact?

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